Kalathaki Limnou a white cheese, similar to feta, made from fresh sheep and goat milk. It has EU Product of Designated Origin certification to show that it comes from a unique geographical area with its own agricultural importance. ( The island of Lemnos, Northern Aegean Sea). Kalathaki Limnou owes its name to the production method itself. Kalathaki means small basket. According to the traditional method, the cheese- maker, puts -by hand- the curd mass into small baskets in brine, where the cheese takes its final characteristic shape. After that, he submerges the baskets in brine, where the cheese ripens for 60 days. While similar in texture with feta, kalathaki Limnou has a milder and very distinctive flavor. Cheese from sheeps and goats pasteurized milk.

Awards: Gold Taste Award 2009

Price: 95.00 per kg

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